Winter Cocktail Menu!

Winter returns will full force to Toronto so we thought we’d lift your spirits (excuse the pun) with some light reading on what we’ve recently done with our cocktail menu. Join us any night of the week for a cosy night with one of the best Bourbon lists in the city!

Specialty Coffees 2.0

For years Frances has been bringing boozy coffees to Toronto. Recently we took inspiration from some amazing bars in New York and brought them to the next level.

New York meets New Orleans in this Mardi Gras coffee featured above. 1oz Bourbon and 0.5oz Amaretto finished with 2oz of barely whipped cream, whipped just enough to sit on top, still liquid enough to pour into your mouth alongside the coffee delivering that delicious “hot meets cold” sensation to the palette.

Rudolph’s Slow Season

A cocktail named after Rudolph Valentino, a famous actor known for his role in “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” was the inspiration for this new potion!  Rudolph was an early sex symbol and popular culture icon in the 20s and legend has it his death “caused mass hysteria in the American female population!”

We didn’t like the sound of this Rudolph, so we named it after another famous Rudolph; the red nosed reindeer! We kept the original recipe of scotch, sweet vermouth and cherry brandy and added a spritz of dry Spanish sparkling wine to elongate the drink and keep the great taste going for longer! Why did we name it after Santa’s reindeer you ask? Well because of the shiny red nose garnish of course!


Our great friends at Beam Suntory Canada introduced us to a great product some time back. Hornito’s Black Barrel begins life as a “Reposado” tequila and is then aged in Bourbon barrels to produce an amazing product. The result is a tequila infused with the sweetest, “oakiest” hints of the charred white oak Bourbon barrel.

To this beautiful product we add Montenegro amaro, ginger syrup and bitters, stir it over ice and strain it into a martini glass. Then we add the tastiest little garnish we’ve ever made; that’s the homemade candied ginger you see in the photo above!