What is Club 1806?

"Club 1806" is the name given to the speciality Bourbon bar that greets guests as they arrive at the restaurant. For 34 years, trusted members of Southern Accent’s “1806 Club” gathered around the famous 1940s bar of the old Victorian house in Mirvish Village. The tradition continues in our new home as we invite you to join the bartender to continue the tradition of great food and drinks along the wood until the "wee hours". Get to know the bartender, ask them about the menu and drinks list, make yourself comfortable as you feel the history of one of Toronto's oldest cocktail bars all around. Our full food, cocktail wine and beer menus are available along the bar with a late night food menu available after the kitchen begins to close at 11pm on Friday and Saturday. With a distinguished list of over 40 Bourbons and Ryes and a staff trained in America's native spirit, why not choose a Bourbon 'n' beer or "Boilermaker" pairing and receive the beer for just $5.

Club 1806 Menu

We have one of the largest selections of Bourbon in Toronto, call it our specialty. We'll give you the opportunity to taste several of these, some of the more widely available bottles mixed with some of the rarer, more expensive tipples! Choose 4 half oz measures and receive a $2 discount. If you'd rather narrow it down to 3 half oz measures we'll offer a $1 discount. We stock only quality Bourbons. First we read the reviews, then we taste test each Bourbon before it makes it on to the shelves. Each Bourbon ordered will arrive with a tasting card to explain the subtle "nose", "palette" and "finish" notes. Don't forget to ask about our monthly Bourbon evenings, presented by brand ambassadors and paired with 5 courses of amazing New Orleans food.

Why “Club 1806”?

“1806” was once the secret code of the Toronto institution that is Southern Accent. The code was given only to the waiters and bartenders trusted with the recipes and keys to one of the most coveted liquor lock ups in the city. The year 1806 also happens to be the year that the first recorded definition of the word “cocktail” appearing in “The Balance and Colombian Repository”. Editor Harry Crosswell answered the question “What is a “Cocktail?” He wrote: “Cock-tail” is a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters.”